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10 Item All Day Scottish Breakfast Recipeby Gordon Hamilton1 week, 3 days ago The fried British breakfast is perhaps commonly considered to consist only of sausage, bacon and egg. While this may often be the case, it is more usual - particularly in hotels and cafes - that a number of other items will be included on the plate. The nature of these items will vary considerably and most particularly in geographical...

Read This >>Vegetable Bhuna with Spicy Rice Recipeby Gordon Hamilton1 week, 3 days ago Bhuna is a well known and popular Indian dish but it is usually made with a principal meat ingredient, such as chicken or lamb. A vegetarian option is not one with which many people will be familiar, or are perhaps likely even to have considered. What constitutes bhuna, however, is simply a dish consisting of a rich, spicy, tomato...

Read This >>Scottish Haggis and Chicken Croquettes with Clapshotby Gordon Hamilton1 week, 3 days ago There is a dish in Scotland known as Balmoral chicken. It is usually served only in better quality restaurants but is actually very easy to make at home. It is basically a skinless chicken breast fillet, carefully cut open and stuffed with haggis before being wrapped in bacon to be cooked. A sauce made from single malt whisky* and...

Read This >>Spicy Pork, Peppers and Pineapple Pie Recipeby Gordon Hamilton1 week, 3 days ago The whole pie concept is a fabulously easy yet effective way of adding whole new dimensions to the foods you eat and introducing variety to meal time menus with the absolute minimum of effort. Fed up preparing and eating the same old beef stew on a weekly basis? Make it, cool it and fashion it in to a pie....

Read This >>Easy Chili Lasagna with Garlic Bread Recipeby Gordon Hamilton1 week, 4 days ago Lasagna is a dish which is very often made with a fairly lengthy list of ingredients. The principals that are pasta sheets, ground (minced) beef, cheese, tomatoes and bechamel sauce are often substantiated with so many additional items and flavorants that the preparation time involved before you even get to start cooking becomes horrendous. That is the beauty of...

Read This >>Spicy Burgers and Poached Eggs Muffinsby Gordon Hamilton1 week, 4 days ago Burgers on English muffins or burgers with poached eggs are nothing new but hopefully this idea for serving open spicy burgers on toasted muffins with lightly poached eggs will prove a little bit different to anything many people have seen before. Like any burger concept, it is open to almost infinite variation. The eggs could be fried, the burgers...

Read This >>Easy Homemade Chili with Fried Egg and Naan Breadby Gordon Hamilton1 week, 4 days ago Chili has been a popular dish for many years and the number of recipes for it are increasing all the time as people continue to experiment. Often, the original dish is prepared beyond recognition in the never ending search for improvement. While this chili recipe is fairly standard and true to the original creation, its accompaniments are far from...

Read This >>Roast Chicken and Root Vegetables Platter for Twoby Gordon Hamilton1 week, 4 days ago Delicious as it undoubtedly is, roast chicken can sometimes be just that tiny little bit predictable and finding new ways of preparing and serving it, without in any way spoiling the overall effect and eating experience, is often desirable. There can be little doubt that roasting the chicken over what will ultimately become its accompaniments is both an inexpensive...

Read This >>Chicken Wings Fajitas Recipeby Gordon Hamilton1 week, 5 days ago Conventional chicken fajitas is a TexMex dish which normally sees chicken breast strips grilled or fried at very high temperatures with bell peppers and spices. This creation is then served with dips such as guacamole, salsa and soured cream, as well as tortilla wraps for assembling the finished product. In this recipe option, chicken wings replace the chicken breast...

Read This >>Brazilian Food Recipe: Feijoadaby Gordon Hamilton1 week, 5 days ago Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, in terms both of surface area and human population. This means that the country - which accounts for approximately half the land mass of the South American continent - knows a great deal of cultural diversity, especially perhaps when it comes to food. Brazil is also a former Portuguese colony...

Read This >>Orange, Lemon and Thyme Roast Chicken Dinnerby Gordon Hamilton1 week, 6 days ago What better smell can there be than that of a chicken roasting in the oven? Long before the bird is ready to eat, mouths are watering, stomachs are rumbling and patience is wearing thin in anticipation of a tasty and satisfying meal. While a plain roast chicken is delicious in its own right, there are certain simple additions we...

Read This >>Spicy Spanish Chicken Thighs and Chorizo Stew Recipeby Gordon Hamilton1 week, 6 days ago Chorizo is a type of spicy pork sausage which originated in Spain and Portugal. The principal spice used in its production is paprika, which is dried, ground (and sometimes smoked) red bell peppers and is a very popular spice used in Spanish cuisine. It is this spice which gives the dish its distinctive color as well as its flavor....

Read This >>Beer Battered Cod and Chips Recipeby Gordon Hamilton2 weeks, 7 hours ago Atlantic cod, along with the likes of plaice and haddock, is one of the most popular fish types used in the preparation of the United Kingdom's unofficial national dish, fish and chips. While there was a major scare re cod stocks in UK waters for a time and consumers were being encouraged to choose more sustainable fish types for...

Read This >>Roast Guinea Fowl with Plum Sauce Recipeby Gordon Hamilton2 weeks, 7 hours ago Guinea fowl is technically a type of wild game but it is much more moderately flavored than most other game birds. It is actually not that much stronger in taste than chicken but there is a definite extra little something to tease your taste buds. The good news about cooking guinea fowl is that it can be included in...

Read This >>Ghanaian Food Recipe: Smoked Fish, Egg and Avocado Saladby Gordon Hamilton2 weeks, 1 day ago It's so easy to find new and exciting recipes in modern times, just by performing a simple search online which will only take a matter of seconds. As well as searching for specific recipes, however, or recipes containing specific ingredients, it is also possible to search for recipes from around the world to boost your culinary knowledge and further...

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Best Dry Dog Food - Detailed Information by Melissa Fielden

A lot of dry dog foods are available in markets today and you may find it challenging to find the right one for your pet. But this is an important factor in keeping your pet healthy and active so you can't take this research for granted. Your pet's health is at stake so it's very vital to find the right foods that will keep them at their best health and live a long life. To make sure you'll only get the best dry dog food for both dogs and puppies, follow these tips to do your goal of finding them among all your choices.

Take the following factors into consideration as you choose for the best dry dog food

o You should choose a dry dog food that is especially formulated for any life stage of your pet such as the puppy stage, adult stage, or senior stage.

o Find the right foods for their size. Just like in age, there are also specific food formulas suitable for dogs and puppies of various sizes.

o The dry dog food you should choose should be AAFCO approved.

o The dry dog food should be according to your veterinarian's recommendation.

o Consistency. Consistency on these foods is also essential so you must find those that have this characteristic.

o The dry dog food should have high quality ingredients.

There are lots of variations when it comes to dog food ingredients but they are typically made mostly of soybeans, corn and even rice. Foods that are of higher quality are made mostly of protein ingredients like meat, chicken and fish.

These dry dog foods remove the grains so it's considered to be organic foods suitable for your pet. In obtaining the best dry dog food, it's also essential to keep their size and dog stage in mind as their requirements change when they enter another stage of their lives or as they grow. Depending on the dog breed, you'll find some of them that would need to control their weight up to 50 pounds only while keeping their joints at their best health. These needs can be met by several food formulas today. If you already have a dry dog food in mind, you have to consult with your veterinarian first if it's AAFCO approved and something they can recommend to your pet.

Where to purchase the best dry dog food

You'll find a lot of dog food brands that claim they have the best dry dog food for your pet. But it's very vital for you to properly check these brands and their food offerings since anyone can claim this as a part of their promotional strategy. Remember to read several reviews online to find the brands that have been working effectively among many pet owners all over the country. Of course, your veterinarian is also the most accessible source of information when it comes to finding the most appropriate dog food for your dog. Make sure to ask them of their recommendations since they know your pet well. These dog foods are available at supermarkets but you have to remember to choose only the reliable brands and check their nutritional contents.

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Groshan Fabiola's Articles in Arts & Entertainment - Article Dashboard Directory | Submit Articles | Search Find Free Content

Groshan Fabiola's Articles in Arts & Entertainment

Buying Art on the Internet

Nowadays you don't even have to leave your house if you want to see or buy artwork, because the best way of finding original and innovative art, and also classical art of course, is to perform a search on the Internet.The Ultimate Fighters: Where are They Now?

The Ultimate Fighter has become a gem among the typical dredge of reality television. SmartlyCelebrity Survivor: The Key to Unlocking the Mysteries of Reality Television

Reality television is being shoved down the throats of each and every one of America'sWith BIG BROTHER 7: ALL-STARS winding down

With BIG BROTHER 7: ALL-STARS winding down, there has been much speculation regarding aThe Lost Experience Failure of plot, success of commercialism

The Lost Experience, a creation of ABC and their advertising partners, was to be anTop Ten Most Anticipated Returning Fall Television Shows

(For an explanation of how we at BuddyTV came across these rankings,Does American Idol Produce Real Stars?

Its like a grand experiment, this American Idol. It starts with a thesis: There is an identifiable X factor that contributes to super-stardom. Then, the experiment, in two phases: First, a small group of industry insiders winnow through a diverse group using their experience to discern American Idol possibilities, then over several weeks the audiences of American Idol choose who think would make a good star. This seems to have the making of solid science, allowing some margin forTen Reasons to Watch Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

1.The Premise

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is about the behind-the-scenes machinations of a long-running sketch comedy show in the vein of Saturday Night Live. As we know from the second episode, Studio 60 also exists in the same universe as Saturday Night Live; they mention it by name a number of times. The difference between the two shows are important. Studio 60 takes place in Los Angeles and is aired on Friday nights. The premise is perfect for an hour-long drama because therDancing with the Stars: Breakdown of Remaining Couples

Dancing with the Stars has become one of the biggest guilty pleasures ever to hit the small screen. A surprise hit for ABC two summers ago, Dancing with the Stars has become oone of ABC's highest rated shows. The celebrities on this season are diverse and look like a group ready to put on another entertaining season. Here is an analysis of who I consider to be this year's top nine contenders for the Dancing with the Stars crown.Who are the Deal or No Deal Models?

Deal or No Deal's massive success is not something anyone could have predicted. Let's be honest here, the actual Deal or No Deal game is pretty darn stupid. There is no skill involved, unless you count not being a moron as a skill. It's the equivalent of watching someone play roulette or blackjack; sure it's intriguing, but it's not intellectually stimulating. So, why is it so popular? One answer is that we are a nation of idiots and simple, mind-numbing shows are the ones best suited for theWhy is CBS's Smith so fun?

The premise of Smith is completely ridiculous: A family man (Ray Liotta) is actually a master thief, who travels around the country pulling off grand heists. He has a team of specialists who assist him, and none are redeeming characters. So, we are supposed to root for a guy who deceives his wife and son, is a mercenary, and is a man who witnesses the death of a team member and walks away with no remorse? On paper, this all seems a tad unpleasant, doesn't it? Well, somehow, it's not. With Smith,How BattleStar Galactica saved Science Fiction

In 1977, Star Wars reintroduced the world to the serialized space opera with groundbreaking results both creatively and financially. In the wake of this paradigm shift came a gaggle of embarrassing me-too projects both for film and television. Then there was Battlestar Galactica.Watching TV Has Never Been More Fun

Have you ever found yourself yelling at the TV after your team just made a boneheaded play and realize there is no one else to share your pain? Or, overcome with emotion when your favorite character died on the O.C., Lost, or 24 and realize theres not another soul in the room that cares? Have you ever been so engrossed in a show that you would have given anything to be able to interact with the producers, writers, or even the actors? For the past 70 years, television has primarily been an anti-The Good-Looking Cast of Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy is currently the #1 television show in the universe. It's given time slot competitor CSI: a beat down, something that the Vegas-set, formulaic, turd producer has never experienced before. Grey's Anatomy is a very good show with an extremely attractive cast. EXTREMELY attractive. What makes Grey's good television is it's unique humor, it's ability to balance that huge cast and numerous storylines, and the strangely riveting medical subplots. But, we understand all of that. What I'mWhy is Dancing with the Stars Popular?

Dancing with the Stars on ABC has become a consistent Top 5 hit for the network. It's meteoric rise from summer afterthought to prime time juggernaut has been surprising, at least to some. Dancing with the Stars seems like a highly specific show for a highly specific niche audience. Who has ever thought to themselves, "You know what would be really cool? If they made a reality show that took professional dancers and paired them with C-List celebrities and they performed ballroom dances and I couThe OC: Early Premiere Review and Season 4 Forecast

The future of FOX's once mighty prime time soap opera, The OC, is murky, at best. The OC has gone through some rough creative stretches over the past two years, leading fans to question not only whether or not the OC will make it beyond its fourth season, but whether it even should. FOX has fueled the cancellation speculation by only ordering sixteen episodes (instead of the normal twenty four) this year. The reasons for this are unclear, but they likely have to do with both the actors willingneTop Ten Funniest Characters on TV: From Lost to Gilmore Girls

Discerning the top ten funniest characters on television is a difficult task. How do you rank them? What criteria do you use? What limitations does one set? Are we looking for consistent hilarity or the peak of a character's humor?Inside the mind of a reality TV contestant

Why do we watch reality TV so much? My theory: we hate the contestants. Face it, having a valid reason to despise is just the rarest of experiences. There is nothing quite like the vibe guilt-free hatred. So a show like Big Brother, full of prepped, prim, and obnoxiously self-absorbed narcissists is a boon for the malcontent among us.Interview with the Creators of The Class

David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik are two of the great sitcom minds of our generation. David Crane was the mastermind behind sitcom giant "Friends" and now has birthed a new sitcom with long-time partner Jeffrey Klarik (of "Mad About You" fame) called The Class. The Class has started out a tad bumpy, creatively, but, given the premise, this is to be expected. When Crane started "Friends" it was hailed as revolutionary in that their were six main characters. None was more important than the other, aHeroes and the Comic Book Revolution

The comic book revolution in today's modern pop culture has been more or less unheralded. Although a major coup in the world of geekdom, the mainstream press has regarded the increase in mass-market comic book entertainment as nothing more than a passing trend.Times in need of heroes

NBCs Heroes was dubbed a surprise success, but should it have been? In times like this, when we are assaulted with fears of sudden danger everywhere, arent Heroes exactly what we need? Many folks point to the cinematic qualities of the show, the urban-pasteurization of the super-hero motif, or the hyper-realism of Heroes as its reason for the success.Grey's Anatomy: Face It, Dude, You Like the Show

Grey's Anatomy has been (falsely) pegged as show primarily for the female population. This is patently ridiculous. There are female story lines to be sure, but there are also decidedly male-oriented story lines. This all is indicative of a larger issue regarding the pigeon-holing of television programs seemingly geared towards a certain demographic even when they really aren't. Grey's Anatomy is a perfect example of a TV show that has been unfairly characterized as a show only for women and reluSurvivor and the Staying Power of Reality TV

Survivor is the grandfather of all reality series. This is undeniable. Survivor was the instigator in what can now be considered TV's reality era. What I don't understand is how Survivor doesn't receive its just due. It deserves far more critical credit than it has received. Why is this? Why is this gem of a TV show being taken for granted?Is American Idol a Success, or a Failure?

Seems like an easy question to answer, at first. American Idol is without doubt one of the most popular television programs in history, achieving ratings that are intimidating to any genre of television, not just reality TV alone. Year after year, American Idol has reigned as the most watched show on television, so how could it be considered a failure? The answer is simple, the success of the show is inextricably tied to the success of its purpose: to create a rock star.Grey's Anatomy and Quotes: The Peculiar Wisdom of Meredith Grey

Grey's Anatomy is a well-written show. I think most people, even those who don't particularly enjoy the program, can agree on this. Grey's is solid because of this, because their characters speak with intelligence and cleverness. The interactions between characters seems real and genuine, not melodramatic. The weird thing is that, although Grey's isn't seemingly the most quotable show out there, the quotes kind of stick with you.LOST Fans Dont Play Games

It was a bold experiment, for sure. At the end of LOSTs second season, the marketing department at ABC and a few of the writers launched an Alternate Reality Game based on a piece of the LOST universe: the Hanso foundation. The name of the game was the Lost Experience, and its purpose was to keep die-hard fans engaged in the LOST mythology as well as provide advertisers an extended slate to hock their warez.Heroes: Whats old is New

A recent article at BuddyTv got me thinking: is NBCs mega Successful new series HEROES a stroke of genius, or an untapped vein in a very old gold-mine. The piece, Heroes: What Took So Long? attributed the success of Heroes to an evolution of the super-hero mythology, from the nuclear-age wonders of Marvel in their spandex and futuristic stealth planes, to the grungy streets of New York were heroin addled comic artists unwittingly tell the future, and crooked politicians suppress their abiliAmerica's Next Top Model vs. Project Runway

America's Next Top Model is a show that does not get the proper respect that it deserves. Tyra Banks hosts a solid and inspiring TV show that really makes you understand exactly what the world of modeling is all about. What I don't like is how people tend to look down on this spectacular show. Why do they dislike it? Why do they write it off before seeing it? The problem is, of course, the way we view models in our society: we think they are dumb. Or course, some are. But, we like to think of moGrey's Anatomy: Character Power Rankings

Grey's Anatomy is a show full of great characters. Really, that's what the show is about. A collection of great, dynamic, three-dimensional characters interacting. The cast is really something to behold. The diversity is the likes of which rarely seen on network television, yet it doesn't ever become a major issue on the program.Is Prison Break Prison Broken?

In the first season of Prison Break, it was all about Michael trying to get out before his scheduled execution. Cool twists abound. Body tattooed blue prints, shaky alliances, political conspiracies, it just rocked. A lot of folks were surprised that they actually succeeded, thinking it was a ploy that would quickly be reversed; it is Prison Break after all; the title wouldnt make much sense if they got out, would it?[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10]&raquo

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Five years on, closure has yet to come to Fukushima parents

Five years on, closure has yet to come to Fukushima parents - Yahoo News

By Kiyoshi Takenaka

OKUMA, Japan (Reuters) - Takayuki Ueno did not hesitate one moment to expose himself to high radiation five years ago while searching for family members swept away by the tsunami that triggered meltdowns at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

The bodies of his mother and daughter Erika were found. But Ueno braves radiation and bitter cold on beaches near the crippled plant to look for the remains of his father and son Kotaro, then three years old, to bring closure to his loss.

"My highest duty as a parent was to protect my children, which I failed to fulfill. That makes me the worst parent, and I have to apologize to them," Ueno, 43, told Reuters.

"I was able to hold Erika in my arms and say 'I am sorry'. I have yet to be able to do the same to Kotaro," said Ueno, who lives 22 km (14 miles) north of the Fukushima nuclear plant.

A magnitude 9 earthquake and towering tsunami on March 11, 2011 killed nearly 16,000 people along Japan's northeastern coast and left more than 2,500 missing. (For a graphic on Fukushima's 'hot zone' returnees, )

View galleryThe Wider Image: Fukushima: Searching for loved on…A shoe (C) that Yuna Kimura, a daughter of Norio Kimura, 50, who lost his father, wife and daughter ...

The nuclear disaster at Tokyo Electric Power Co's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant has made the experience of those who lived nearby particularly traumatic.

Norio Kimura, who lived 3 km south of the plant, had to choose between staying behind to search for his father, wife and younger daughter Yuna, or taking his mother and elder daughter away from spreading radiation.

"I was torn by having to abandon my search and leave them behind... By the time I came back, the situation had become quite grim when it comes to finding them alive," Kimura, 50, said.


The accident still hampers Kimura's effort to find Yuna, the last family member missing, as entry into half of his hometown, Okuma, is restricted due to high radiation levels.

View galleryThe Wider Image: Fukushima: Searching for loved on…Ripped bags containing radioactive soil from decontamination work are seen dumped on a beach devasta ...

On a recent weekend, Kimura and a dozen volunteers led by Ueno, combed through piles of debris on a windswept Okuma beach for any signs of Yuna. They are allowed to enter the area up to 30 times a year and stay for up to five hours per visit.

As they dug through heaps of dirt mixed with driftwood, blocks of concrete, utility poles, crooked iron pipes and clothes of all sizes and colors, a dosimeter emitted high-pitched beeps. At one point, it showed six microsieverts per hour, 100 times as high as radiation levels in downtown Tokyo.

That does not shake Kimura's resolve.

"I'll keep on searching until I find her," Kimura said,adding that even then he might keep looking for other missing victims.

Such tenacity can be partly explained by views of life and death widely held in Asia, experts say.

"Once dead, a body itself is often seen and treated as an object in the West," said Shinichi Niwa, adjunct professor of psychiatry at Fukushima Medical University's Aizu Medical Center.

"In Asia, there is a strong belief that one's spirit stays with the body and they are not separated," he said.

(Reporting by Kiyoshi Takenaka. Editing by Linda Sieg and Bill Tarrant)

Society & CultureDisasters & AccidentsFukushima nuclear plant

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